My rather immodest, or even arrogant endeavour with this peice is to define strategy from the perspective of changes that have occured in modern times.

I will begin by quoting the famous phrase by Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The story of Stuxnet and Iran buttresses this point.

Since February 2003, when Iranian president Mohammad Khatami declared that his government intended to extract uranium from the mine at Saghand to aid its nuclear fuel production, Iran became a hotbed for targeted espionage attacks.

Considering that Iran’s nuclear strategy began in the 1950s…

Its 8:38pm in Cork City. After a bottle of wine and a earful of Olando Julius’ “ololufe” , I have decided to put down all of my intentions towards my brother Tolani and His Wife Ibukun in writing.

Sometimes you meet a person and you just click — you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned…

Last night, I could not sleep. I did not fall asleep, not even for a split second. My day was not in any way different from the Sunday before, or even the day before. I had been at home all day, went for a walk with my friend Grace, and branched into church to receive holy communion. Absolutely nothing different. When I got home, I decided to interest myself with some pizza and burger which I had spent a few hours preparing myself. However, for some strange reason, I had lost my apatite just as fast as I craved the…

If our life is poured out in useless words, we will never hear anything, never become anything, and in the end, because we have said everything before we had anything to say, we shall be left speechless at the moment of our greatest decision.

An ode to the ones who have gone before

By ways remote and distant waters sped, Christy, to your sad grave-side had I come, that I may give the last gifts to the dead, and vainly purely with your body numb; since she who now bestows and now denies decided to take you from my eyes…

When you wake up, pay homage to your head Ori

Ori is the only orisa that can be with us and accompany us through all life’s journeys

Ori laa ba bo, ka fi orisa s’ile

Ori eni ni awure eni

A kii b’ori eni di ijakadi, bi a ba ba ori eni di ijakadi

Ori a ma da’ni.

Ibi ori da mi si naa, ibi ire ni

Your head is the only orisa that can lead you well.

Of all the deities in the Yoruba folklore, just next to ogun the god of iron, ori is the other orisa i…

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference — Reinhold Niebuhr

In the beginning, God created Sade Adu, Adam and Eve

I first came across Sade Adu’s music in 2010 one fateful; morning. My mum and I had just returned from her gym and we had turned on the television. There she was in all beauty and glory; my true queen. “Sweetest Taboo” was on tv that morning. That began my unending journey into the beautiful world of Jazz music. Sade’s music blended…

Here’s an old piece I wrote back when I was at the University of York. Thanks Code with A-sin Cole for bringing this back to my mind. I have put up this peice without editing a single word of it.

All my days I’ve been searching,
To find out what this life is worth
Through the books and bibles of time
I’ve made up my mind
I don’t condemn, I don’t convert,
This is a calling have you heard
Bring all the lovers to the fold,
’Cause no one is gonna lose their soul

Love is my religion,
Love is my…

A person who is not ferocious
Cannot be installed Asipade.
A person who cannot commit suicide by the gun,
I say cannot be installed Asipade.
I am brave to the point of committing suicide by the gun.
I can challenge an elephant.
I can challenge a bushcow.
I can be made Asipade.

Fearless Waziri

A few years ago when I was living in Jos, Plateau State located in the middle of Nigeria, I received a call from my dad at about 6am on a Sunday morning. He had just read one of my political critical articles on the Punch Newspaper…

“The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny” — Unknown

I grew up in the heart of Osogbo. A town known for her intellectual art and as an epitome of all African culture and roots. My mother was an English teacher in one of the major public secondary schools and my father, a lecturer at a college of education. My father, a very avid reader himself had a library with books of all forms ranging from the highly intellectual and thought provoking works of Charles Dickins to the extremely scriptural works of numerous scholars of…

Just stumbled upon an old article i wrote for “Stand to End Rape” a couple of years ago and decided to share it on my medium page again. This piece was originaly written by me for Stand to End Rape in 2016 and I have reposted it here without any modification.

“I woke up planning to write about my weekend trip to Abuja and about how the sole of my shoe removed at a park in the middle of town only to see a tweet by an on air personality blaming rape on indecent dressing on the part of the…

Joel Oseiga

Joel is a Cyber Security Engineer and a specialist in Cyber and State Security. Joel shares his thoughts on Life, War Strategy, IT Security, and Cyber Warfare.

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